Shine on you crazy diamond

Olympos is one the famous climbing spot next to the sea in Antalya / Turkey. 
There are a lot of climbing sector in Olympos. It's very famous here climbing next to the beatiful Mediterran Sea. Deep water Solo and potancial of sea cliffs are amazing in the area. There is huge potencial next to the sea side, we are setting up a lot routes and news sector next to the sea. 
Ceneviz Sector is one of them.
Shine on you crazy diamond 8c+ is 45 meter long with power endurance fight. First part is 8b with boulder crux. After the 7c+/8a climbing there is a long move to crimp and next move is 2 mm mono pocket. And then longgg dyno move to small crimp, after allthis tired moves you continue without rest all the way up to the sky for second part of route. This part is mostly long moves and powerfull pinch holds in huge overhang. After all this big fight you have the hardest part 2 meters before the anchor. This part is very stressfull. You can fall easly and destroy yourself in 43 meter higher from the ground. And you don't get the diamond :)
Route is also huge overhang, there is big distance between where you start climbing and landing to the ground, more or less 30 meters difference. 
We have been setting 54 new routes in this sector,8c+ is one of this king line of the cave.
You need to go to Ceneviz sector 10 minutes by boat from Olympos beach. You're enjoying the view of the beautiful sea and mount Olympos in the background. 

You can check the update of Ceneviz Sector by Öztürk Kayıkcı below. For more info check the Rock climbing Guidebook to Antalya by Öztürk Kayıkcı;

Thanks to Öztürk Kayıkcı for photos;

Shine on you crazy diamond 8c+;

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