Aerial filming with drone for climbing movie

We have been shooting new climbing movie in Geyikbayırı. We worked by Air Drone with Oda Ajans. We enjoy it a lot while shooting time.
I'm glad to work with Elif Tosun, Murat Can Yıldız, Sarp Altay from Oda Ajans. Thank you very much for your effort and support.
They did a good job, stay tunned for the movie. 

Thank you very much for the photos to Elif Tosun.

Enjoying the night in Rido Camping;

Last check in Rido Camping;

Preparing for the shooting;

Listing the tips from director of photography Sarp Altay;

Sarp Altay and Murat Can Yıldız is talking about flying;

Shooting with drone, Inner Smile 7b+

Shooting with drone, Olympos Games 8b

Inner Smile 7b+;

Olympos Games 8b;

Taking air and long flying on Olympos Games 8b;

Trail shooting;

Best part of shooting; climbing all together; 

Enjoying the view;

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