March Geyikbayırı

Back to Geyikbayırı after long time...
Friends, coffee and SuperClearBlueSky...

Some route which I climbed in this trip;

Trebenna 8b+
Professur 8b
Troja 8a+
Flame of fame 8a
Rock palace 8a
Hydrofusion 8a
Minimalist 8a            second go
Daddy cool 8a          second go
Funky Chicken 7c+   on-sight
Air and style 7c+      on-sight
Escape to paradise 7c
Suskunlar 7c             second go
Return the Jedi 7c     second go
Miauu 7c                   second go
31 7c                        on-sight
Külliin 7b+                flash
Black Sabbath   7b    on-sight
Sword of Geyikbayırı 7b   second go

Thanks a lot for photos to Öztürk Kayıkçı.

Colonist 8a+;

Back on funky planet 7b+;

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