April Olympos

Season start in Olympos and I'm back to my room ' very romantic ' in Kadir's Tree Houeses. I'm very motivated for drill new routes and climbing some new lines. After having tea in our new friend shop Herbişi I climbed some routes;

Korsan 8a+
Sky walker 8a                first ascent
Moon walker 7c+           first ascent 
GBT 7c+                      first ascent
Kamera arkası 7c+          first ascent
Wait and see 7c+           on-sight
Monkey factor 7c+
Altın yumurtlayan tavuk 7c on-sight
Road the hell 7c              first ascent
The road of freedom   7b   on-sight
İstanbul sendromu     7b   on-sight

Thanks  a lot for support and help to Kadir's Tree Houses and Olympos Adventure Center.



Thanks a lot for photos to Öztürk Kayıkçı.

Moon walk 7c+;

Drilling start in Kadir's Tree Houses / Olympos;

Multipitch with Metin Yılmaz;

Interview with TRT TV channel;

Türkçe versiyon